working closely with our growers we are able to offer four different varieties beginning in December and lasting until August. each mango has a unique flavor and texture so we encourage trying the different varieties at different stages of their ripeness. 

Where and when do we grow?

Our Mangoes are grown on farms located both Peru and Mexico. In Peru they’re grown in Piura and in Mexico they’re grown in Oaxaca and Nayarit, Mexico. Every mango is harvested by hand and electronically graded to ensure uniformity of color & size. 
PIURA: Dec. – Feb. varieties: Kent 
OAXACA: Feb. – May varieties: Ataulfo and Tommy
NAYARIT: June – Aug. varieties: Kent and Keiit
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How do we harvest?

We maintain constant communication with the farms to carefully plan harvest and pack dates to help ensure we meet market and customer demands of high quality and requested volume. Each mango is hand harvested into packing totes then transported to the packing shed where they are hot water treated and mechanically sorted by size. Mangoes are harvested before they are totally ripe. They will continue to ripen overtime as they make their way to the end customer.

How do we pack and ship?

The packing shed is equipped with a quality control team that focuses on insuring only the best quality of mangoes are packed to be shipped. The mangoes are packed into 9lb cartons and stored at 55℉. Each pallet holds 210-252 cartons depending on growing region and there are 22 pallets per truck load. The Mexican loads are shipped directly to our facility in McAllen, TX and then distributed to our individual customers across the country. The Peruvian loads are shipped via ocean freight to Penn Terminal in Philadelphia, PA. 

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