sweet potatoes

sweet potatoes

Consumer demand continues to rise for sweet potatoes because of their excellent nutritional value and their delicious natural sweet flavor, allowing them to be enjoyed without high calorie additives like butter or cream.

Where and when do we grow?

Our sweet potatoes are grown in Georgia and North Carolina where the soil nutrient composition provides an ideal pH range. When coupled with optimal weather conditions and superior farming practices, this ensures that we consistently grow the best sweet potatoes in the world.

Sweet Potato
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How do we harvest?

We grow the Covington and Murasaki varieties which are optimally harvested in August. This allows the sweet potatoes to absorb the correct amount of nutrients from the soil. All of our sweet potatoes are machine harvested and field dried for 3 days. After they are done field drying, the sweet potatoes go through a six-week curing process in a controlled atmosphere room to maximize quality and shelf life. This curing process also allows the skin to “set” which ensures that our customers receive the highest quality sweet potato ready for the end user.

How do we pack and ship?

Our sweet potatoes are packed in standard cartons, display-ready cartons, bags, bins and in a special holiday themed bin in combination with our sweet onions. Our customers include the food service, retail, and processing industries, each of which have unique needs specific to serving their customers. We take great care to custom-pack orders to fit our customers individual program needs. We ensure that all QC protocols are in place so that all of our sweet potatoes not only meet but exceed our customers’ needs.

Pack Specifications

Size range of potato is based on 40lb carton. 

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