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How does Stella Farms provide complete supply chain visibility to our customers?
  • By including our customers in the crop planning process in order to identify volume needs, sizing preferences, and varieties.
  • By continually providing updates from the farms on crop status, harvest schedules, and quality expectations.
  • By communicating timely and accurate crop forecasts, which gives our customers the information needed to make strategic category decisions.
  • By maintaining ongoing communication through the shipping process so that our customers know the status of their deliveries.


How does Stella Farms manage our crop production, harvest, and packing to meet the program needs of our customers and ensure that we provide the highest quality produce on a consistent basis?
  • Because we are a vertically integrated boutique growing operation that has the ability to be flexible and make decisions quickly, we can focus on the individual quality, sizing, and packaging needs of our customers instead of farming for a broad market.
  • Because we are continually focusing on the research and development of new seed varieties, sustainable farming practices, and technologically advanced packaging materials, we are firmly positioned to be a long-term partner that is consistently identifying improvements in the supply chain that are beneficial to our customers.
  • Because we grow in multiple geographic areas, we can ensure consistent availability with minimal disruptions to supply, regardless of adverse weather events or crop loss.
  • Because we have year-round production of our crops, we are able to provide our customers with a seamless supply of produce that consistently meets their unique quality, size and packaging specifications.

Food Safety

How does Stella Farms maintain the highest levels of food safety?
  • We have two full-time employees dedicated to our food safety program.
  • By continually investing time and resources in the ongoing education and training of all employees to ensure that we are on the forefront of all new food safety initiatives.
  • All of our farms have annual third-party audits to ensure that we meet and exceed all food safety regulations and requirements at the field and in the packing house.

Logistics Proficiency

How does Stella Farms provide our customers with the most cost efficient delivery system?

  • We have an in-house transportation department that handles all aspects of delivering our products from the farm to our customers’ warehouses.
  • We have advanced distribution points strategically located throughout the United States where we can make same-day or next-day deliveries.
  • We have farms in multiple growing areas, allowing us to identify the most geographically efficient shipping location for each customer, which minimizes the distance from packing locations to our customers’ warehouses.
  • Because we are a year-round shipper, we are able to leverage our significant buying power to negotiate lower contract costs with logistics providers.


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