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Tomatoes are a produce item you can find in almost every home and incorporate into endless meals all year long. 

Our Tomatoes are gently grown in Greenhouses located in the Central region of Mexico. Every tomato is harvested by hand and electronically graded to ensure uniformity of color & size.

Stella Farms now offers Roma tomatoes year round for your supply needs.

Stella Farms' Gold Pineapple and Organic Gold Pineapple
Growing Regions Distribution Locations

With tight communication between our sales team and the farm we strategically plan harvest and packing dates to ensure the highest quality and demanded volume of our customers. Our tomatoes are hand harvested into packing totes then transported to the packing shed for further sorting and packing. 

The quality control team at the packing shed insure only the best quality tomatoes are packed to be shipped. The majority of tomatoes are picked mature but not yet totally ripe. The tomatoes will continue to ripen during transit to our storage facility and further more to the customer. We have the ability to speed up the ripening process if the tomatoes arrive and have not reached the appropriate color and a more uniformly ripe fruit. 

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