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We work closely with our growers to ensure that the sweetest and most consistent watermelons are available to our customers year round. Because we are vertically integrated, every order is tailor-fit to the customer: from seed choice to packaging and shipping, our goal is to bring our customers superior watermelon that is grown with responsible and sustainable practices, ensuring maximum quality, flavor, and consistency. We grow both seeded and seedless varieties and all our watermelon is non-GMO.

We grow both seeded and seedless varieties as well as mini’s and all our watermelon are non-GMO seed varieties. Each year, our domestic growers plant more than 3,500 acres throughout Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Delaware, Indiana and Missouri with the harvest spanning April through September. Our import program has farms from four distinct regions in Mexico where we have more than 1,500 total acres of watermelon planted for production September through April. One of the most critical planning functions for our team is to identify the ideal climates and growing areas for our program ensuring that our watermelon are the highest quality and we are harvesting 52 weeks a year.

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We plan and coordinate with our farms to ensure that our watermelon are picked and packed at the correct freshness and maturity for optimal flavor. We have strict standards in place for our packing lines to ensure that we are shipping the best quality possible.

Because we have customers spanning the retail, food service, and processing industries, our quality control team focuses on the specific needs of each of these customers. Every watermelon we pack and ship goes through a rigorous quality control process ensuring that all of our watermelon meet our strict criteria of appearance, ripeness, sweetness, and most importantly flavor. All melons are washed and brushed for cosmetic appearance and mechanically sized for consistent size and weight. We custom pack every order as specified by our customers and have the ability to ship any style of bins or cartons.

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