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A close partnership with our growers ensures that the sweetest and most consistent pineapple are available to our customers year round. Because we are vertically integrated, every order is tailor-fit to the customer: from seed choice to packaging and shipping, our goal is to bring our customers superior pineapple that is grown with responsible and sustainable practices, ensuring maximum quality, flavor, and consistency.


All our pineapple is of the traditional gold varieties grown in Costa Rica and Mexico and shipped to ports throughout the United States and Canada. We pack crown on, crownless, and organic year-round to strategically fit the needs of our customers. We have Rainforest Alliance Certifications, Organic Certification and all of our pineapple are non-GMO and GFSI Certified.

Stella Farms' Gold Pineapple and Organic Gold Pineapple
Growing Regions Distribution Locations

We plan and coordinate with our farms to ensure that our pineapple are harvested at the correct color and maturity for optimal flavor and freshness.

Most pineapple harvest in Costa Rica is completed using equipment outfitted with conveyor belts on long outstretched arms that extend above the planted rows. The pineapples are carefully stacked in large field bins and transported to the packing shed.

In Mexico, each pineapple is hand harvested, snapping at the stem with the hand twist of the harvester according to the pineapple maturity. Once harvested the pineapples are carefully placed in large baskets being carried on the harvesters backs.

We have strict standards in place ensuring that the cold chain is never broken, thus creating the ideal environment for optimal shelf life and customer satisfaction.

Our customers include retail, food service, and processors, each of whom have unique needs in order to best serve their customers. We take great care to custom-pack orders as specified by our customers whether its specific packaging, quality, or size, everything we do at the farm and packing shed is done to meet the individual needs of our customers. We provide guidelines to each farm that details customer specifications for use when harvesting, and once packed we have a final QC step at the shed to confirm that the finished product is the Stella Farms pineapple our customer expects to receive.

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