Gold Pineapple

Costa Rican Update:

Overall pineapple production is at reduced levels when compared to previous 2 years in Costa Rica. Previous forecast was for a tight market with limited supplies for majority of 2021.

May is when the farms typically begin seeing increases in harvest due to planned production along with the naturally flowering fruit that starts to arrive early. There is a high probability that there will be less pineapple than typically available in May and through the summer since this harvest timeframe coincides with the global shutdown and uncertainty that started in April 2020,  period when farms struggled to stay open with government mandated closures and missed plantings.

Natural floration will occur, and depending on how big of a spike in harvest that we see in June/July, expect a comparable shortage in August/September as the farms recover.

We offer crownless pineapples from Costa Rice. Crownless is considered to be a different standard of fruit. Across all zones, the amount of premium fruit that can pass for crownless standards remains low.

Here at Stella Farms we doubled down during the pandemic and expanded our operations to ensure we have the pineapple that our customers need!

Mexico Update: 

We are very happy at Stella Farms to be working with two amazing pineapple growers from Veracruz, Mexico.  This is our 3rd season with both grower partners and each year it grows exponentially.

In addition to the conventional Mexican grown MD2 pineapples for the 2nd year we are offering ORGANIC Mexican pineapple. The amount of effort and commitment from this grower shows in the quality of this organic Pineapple!  All the pineapple fields are covered with a shade cloth during and intense days of sun to keep the product from ripening prematurely and allowing the fruit to pick up the sugars to make the eating experience as enjoyable as it be.

We are approaching a production period, Mid June- Mid-August when there is always a significant dip in the amount of pineapple available to be harvested. This phenomenon occurs every year caused mainly by heavy rains, which cause the plants to absorb excessive amounts of water and will cause the formation of the fruit to deteriorate and this fruit cannot be exported to the USA.

We are all very happy at Stella Farms with the quality and commitment to excellence the Mexican pineapple program has grown into and continue to be a value to all our cherished customers.


Watermelon production has ramped up in Hermosillo, MEX and South FL, promotable volume and pricing is available, and supply conditions should remain favorable through at least Mid-May.  We’ll start in Central FL in early May, and while North FL is running a little behind schedule, we still expect promotable volume available for Memorial Day.




Tomato markets have begun to improve from Mexico as the production moves from the North in Culiacan and Sonora to the South in Jalisco and the Bajio area of Central Mexico.

The market has been very depressed from as early as January all through April, possibly one of the worst tomato marketing situations ever witnessed. Optimism abounds as both movement and prices have begun their normal summer season push!

At Stella Farms, we are still finishing up our Sonora production and finishing on a upbeat note. Product quality from this farm continues to exceed our own expectations with good size, great firmness and outstanding flavor and cutting characteristics!

Stella Farms is excited to start soon with our grower partner in Michoacan. This is our 3rd year with this ranch and the overall quality has been amazing and has made our customer base extremely happy by helping to build their business with repeat business thanks to the consistently great quality.

We look forward to continue our growth in the Tomato category and appreciate so much the loyalty and patronage from all the good folks we call customers.


Who Knew! This is our first year going all in with Mexican mangoes and what fun it has been. At Stella Farms we asked ourselves a simple question when making the decision to jump all in on the mango commodity; “Can we do it to the same level of excellence as we do the other core items?”  The answer was YES!  We have enjoyed exceptional quality from our grower partners in Mexico.  We have been able to harvest from Oaxaca, Mexico and freight product all the way to McAllen, TX and make arrivals with the most discerning customers and build on repeat orders.

From Oaxaca we will move to the next producing area of Nayarit, Mexico, several hundred miles north.  While in Oaxaca, the main mango varieties are Tommy Atkins (Red) and Ataulfo’s (Yellow), which started in February and go through Mid May.

Nayarit, Mexico starts Mid May and continues through August.  The varieties change a bit in the Nayarit region, NO yellow mangoes at all with Kent’s and Keiit’s taking the stage!  For many folks these are the best eating fruit Mexico offers!

We are excited to move forward with this season and continue to learn and improve how we go to market with this delicious tropical gem.

Stay tuned as the Stella Farms team ventures off to Peru and Brazil in search for the next mango offering.


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