Gold Pineapple


All Costa Rica and Mexico growing zones are fighting to recover from the extended and severe drought this year. An increase in production is expected in October for most sizes, except for size 5. Total production for 2023 is tracking to be significantly less than 2022. Lack of fertilizer continues to be a contributing factor in yields this year. Although supplies of fertilizers are increasing, they are not back to pre-pandemic levels. Farmers are having to adjust sales contracts to reflect the increased growing costs that are in the line with the inflation that has occurred this last year. Overall, production is expected to meet demand, but any weeks of surplus will be short lived as we transition into the rainy season and reduced volumes that come with less sunlight and cooler temperatures of November and December.


We’ve finished our domestic watermelon production for the 2023 season, but we’ll be starting with Mexican watermelon production in late September and will continue with imports from Mexico throughout the Fall and Winter.


We are now reaching month four of our nine month production cycle in the region of Michoacan. The crop is still considered young and healthy and should be hitting peak production all through September and continue with consistent production until beginning of December. Volume will drop about 30%  when it starts to cool down with less sun hours and colder weather but we will continue to have production with quality tomatoes all through the winter ending production sometime in February.


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