Gold Pineapple

This is an excellent time of year for pineapple grown in Costa Rica. The weather has been very favorable, and the quality and volume we’re seeing from our farms is ideal for promoting our Stella Farms golden pineapple.  This period of increased production will remain through the end of the year, and as we more towards the holidays our volumes will increase to support ad activity for the Thanksgiving and Christmas push.


We’ve finished domestic watermelon production, but we’ll continue to import high quality melons from several different growing regions in Mexico all winter long.  Though consumption of watermelon overall drops during the winter months, the industry has seen an increase in demand for fresh cut melons and mini watermelon during this period; let Stella Farms help your melon sales continue to grow this winter!



Sweet Onions

Import Sweet Onion Season is here! We’ve begun our harvest in Peru and the quality is outstanding for this year’s crop.  We have a full range of sizing and specialty packs to offer throughout the winter.  Please contact the Stella Farms team to discuss programs or weekly volume needs.

Sweet Potatoes

This years quality and availability from our North Carolina farms have made for a great start of the shipping season! We are currently shipping the Covington variety to both our export and domestic customers. Our exported crop has been received with great customer satisfaction. Up to this point our domestic supplies has been somewhat limited, but will increase as we move into early December. The Murasaki variety (purple sweet potato) will begin shipping the middle of December with the crop and sizing looking outstanding! Reach out to our Stella Farms sales team for us to help you meet your needs!


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