COVID-19 Update

As of now, there are no immediate impacts to the supply side of our business related to the COVID-19 outbreak.  All our operations are functioning normally and there are currently no COVID related disruptions threatening the production levels of any of our crops.  As fluid as the current situation is, that could change quickly, there are several critical components of the supply chain that could be impacted, but thankfully, as of now, our operations are not affected, and we’re putting mitigation strategies in place to minimize any potential disruptions to our production.

Food production has been classified as an essential industry, exempting us from certain mandated mitigation steps in the event an employee tests positive for COVID-19, but the impact to operations from employees contracting COVID-19 is still an ongoing concern that we are actively managing.

The U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Mexico have suspended the processing of H2A visas for new applicants, they will only be processing visas for returning H2A workers, as returning workers do not require an in person interview. Nearly all of our H2A workforce is already in the country, so, as of now, we are not anticipating a significant disruption to our domestic watermelon production from the visa issue.

Gold Pineapple

2019 was a very exciting year, with weather patterns and harvest volumes different than any year before. As we kickoff 2020, the extreme weather of 4th quarter 2019 will be reflected in reduced pack out yields during the 1st quarter 2020.

The lower yields can be expected from slower growth during such weather, along with a higher percentage of fruit that will be culled out of the pack as we strive to only ship the best possible pineapple each week.

We have doubled up on our Quality Control teams to ensure we avoid any detectable issues, this also helps us carefully manage what is in each container while also providing our customers with real time packing info as it occurs on the farm level.

We love pineapple, and we love our customers, and appreciate their loyalty each year as we all grow together!


We started harvest in Tamaulipas, MX this past weekend and things are off to a good start there!  The quality and brix are good and volume should ramp up quickly. Sonora, MX should hit temps in the low 90’s by next week, that will help to bring volume on and should reach full production sometime in late April.

South FL should be producing light volume over the next couple of weeks, with production increasing after the first week of April.  Central FL production should start in mid to late April; the crops in that region look very healthy and the forecast continues to be favorable.  North FL continues to enjoy great growing conditions as well, and is tracking for an on-time to early start in mid-May.

Georgia continues to be faced with cooler and wet weather during the planting process. It’s very possible that any delays seen during planting could be made up if we experience a meaningful stretch of hot weather, which is not at all uncommon for Georgia.




We are currently harvesting our Florida green and red cabbage and will continue throughout the the months of March and April! Quality thus far has been exceptional and expected to remain that way throughout the season. While the quality is exceptional the volume is lighter than predicted. Our harvesting and quality control teams are working hard to coordinate harvesting to meet customers demands on size all while maintaining the superb quality.


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