Gold Pineapple

2019 was a very exciting year, with weather patterns and harvest volumes different than any year before. As we kickoff 2020, the extreme weather of 4th quarter 2019 will be reflected in reduced pack out yields during the 1st quarter 2020.

The lower yields can be expected from slower growth during such weather, along with a higher percentage of fruit that will be culled out of the pack as we strive to only ship the best possible pineapple each week.

We have doubled up on our Quality Control teams to ensure we avoid any detectable issues, this also helps us carefully manage what is in each container while also providing our customers with real time packing info as it occurs on the farm level.

We love pineapple, and we love our customers, and appreciate their loyalty each year as we all grow together!


We’ve finished domestic watermelon production, but we’ll continue to import high quality melons from several different growing regions in Mexico all winter long.  Though consumption of watermelon overall drops during the winter months, the industry has seen an increase in demand for fresh cut melons and mini watermelon during this period; let Stella Farms help your melon sales continue to grow this winter!



Sweet Onions

Peru’s ideal growing climate causes very little issues regarding quality and conditions of our sweet onions from August through March. The consistency of quality from Peru has become synonymous for import onions!

Transplants are in the ground in Georgia and in February we will begin harvesting our Mexican sweet onions! The crop from Mexico will supply us until the start of the Georgia sweet onions/Vidalia’s, which begins early April. There is typically no gap between our programs offering year round sweet onions!

Sweet Potatoes

This years quality and availability from our North Carolina farms has made for a great season! North Carolina is currently in peak packing production with the Convington variety producing desired pack outs on US #1 sweet potatoes. We are currently shipping the Covington variety to both our export and domestic customers. Our exported crop has been received with great customer satisfaction.

The Murasaki variety (purple sweet potato) will begin shipping in January with the sizing and quality looking exceptional!

Please call for ad/promotional pricing as January-March will be a great time frame for outstanding quality and volumes of sweet potatoes.


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