Gold Pineapple


January and February brought some erratic weather patterns this year. All pineapple growing zones saw nighttime temperatures below 70F for extended periods along with heavy rains, which could increase the amount of NDF in harvest blocks, or create variance in what is harvested in future periods. We have invested the additional growing inputs to keep quality high for our customers and any fruit that will not meet our quality standards will now be sent to juice and frozen production.

March is typically the beginning of the most favorable months for growing gold pineapple in Costa Rica! As the weather warms up across the US and Europe, pineapple consumption increases just as the production increases. Even with increased production, there may be some sporadic shortages in US market due to logistical constraints over the next three months. Vessel space and refrigerated equipment continues to be a limiting factor on all imports. We are really seeing the benefit for our customers with our inhouse logistics group and making deliveries on all contract orders and some additional orders!


Brix levels have been holding consistent at 13+ with exceptional quality and steady volume! This is the time of the season that we experience the least quality issues. Once summer is in full swing the chances of quality issues increase due to the combination of high heat and frequent rainy days.  


Watermelon supplies will likely remain very tight throughout the month of April, due to below average production levels in South, FL and the northern Mexico growing regions.  Availability should improve slightly after Easter and continue a gradual improvement throughout late April.  It may not be before early May that we see significant improvement in overall availability and a return to more moderate market conditions.




Sinaloa is now at the end of their season and production is transitioning to the state of Sonora. Production should extend until mid-June which is when we move back into Michoacan for the remainder of the year.


Mexican mangoes will kick off around mid-March with the Tommy Atkins variety coming from the southern states of Oaxaca and Nayarit. Tommy Adkins will be available March to May. The Kent variety will become available from May to July coming from the state of Nayarit. We will finish the season off with the Keiit variety. These mangoes will be available for the month of August coming from the state of Sinaloa. Depending on weather conditions we may have Keiit available until mid-September.





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