Gold Pineapple

Costa Rican pineapple production is entering a period of very good volume and high quality through the end of June.  We’d typically start to see the beginnings of some NDF fruit at our farms here in late May but our farm management team is not seeing any indications that we will have any issues for at least the next 6 to 8 weeks.  Even better news is that through our new crop management processes that were implemented in 2019, we may avoid NDF issues altogether this Summer – this is a really significant long-term development for our Summer quality and yields.  In the short term though, our valued customers can have the confidence that we will have the volumes and quality available for promotions and push pineapple sales.


We’re starting to wind-down watermelon production in Lake Wales, FL this week; we’ll have very light supplies until we start harvest in Trenton, FL this weekend, but should be into good volume again by the middle of next week.  The crop in North FL looks good, so while we weren’t able to start there early enough for Memorial Day promotions, there will be plenty of volume available for anyone looking to promote the weeks of 5/25 or 6/1.  We’ll be shipping from North FL through mid-June, and a favorable turn in the weather in GA has us expecting to start there about 6/15, so we should have a smooth transition from FL to GA and into the 4th of July AD period.




We are nearing the end of our Florida green cabbage harvest as we enter the end of May. Harvesting of the red cabbage will continue for another couple of weeks after the green cabbage is finished. The cabbage market has been on the higher side due to rough weather conditions that hit the Georgia crop slowing their production. Our harvesting and quality control teams are working hard to continue to coordinate harvesting to meet customers demands on size all while maintaining the superb quality.


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