Gold Pineapple


The moderate weather lately has been a nice change and has provided some needed relief for the communities to recover from the heavy flooding of months past. We are excited to report that the severe weather did not affect the future harvest as suspected. Our crop nutrition remains strong and pests are at a minimum. Our crownless quality continues to out last the competition with much less purge even though we have shifted to a higher internal color. Our finishing technique in crownless has also increased the shelf life of our crown pineapple packs.

The harvest for the final quarter of 2021 will have more first harvest plantings, which will provide enough large sized pineapple for promotional volume through the end of the year for retail chains.


July and August are traditionally light in supply from our two farms in the state of Veracruz but we will still have consistent weekly volume to meet the needs of our customers that are accustomed to the beautiful Gold Pineapple that we import into our warehouse in McAllen, Texas.  We offer traditional crown-on Gold Pineapple as well as organic Gold Pineapple.


We’ve finished with domestic watermelon and have started shipping from Mexico and Texas.  Production should be steady in October and November; quality has been strong to start, and barring a major weather event, we expect consistent supplies and quality to prevail through November.




Tomato production continues to steam along as we enter the fall season.  Weather has been somewhat of a pest during the last 30 days with heavy clouds and light rains at times.

August was a tough month as it always is with FOB’s struggling to get much above minimum levels.  Quality is good and has improved somewhat from the early weeks of July when heat was a problem. We expect production numbers to increase starting the 3rd week of September and continue strong through October.  Recent storms in the Northeast and Southeast of the US has also contributed to the rise in FOB’s on Mexican Tomatoes.

We are excited to begin offering round tomatoes as well to our customers. These will be packed in both 2 Layer boxes and 25lb. boxes.  The Coyopista label has continued to grow in strength as we introduce it to new customers.  Our team is excited to continue growing our tomato program.


The Mango production cycle has now moved from Oaxaca, MX to Nayarit, MX. Overall it was a great season in Oaxaca for quality, but volume was down overall. We are seeing better volumes in Nayarit as we have moved into the Kent variety. Kents are known for their superior eating quality due to higher sugar levels and lower acid. Kents will peak towards the end of June and continue through July then we will transition into Keiits, which will carry us through the end of August.


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