Gold Pineapple

This is an excellent time of year for pineapple grown in Costa Rica. The weather has been very favorable, and the quality and volume we’re seeing from our farms is ideal for promoting our Stella Farms golden pineapple.  This period of increased production will remain through the end of the year, and as we more towards the holidays our volumes will increase to support ad activity for the Thanksgiving and Christmas push.


We just finished a great summer harvest and are looking forward to continuing that throughout the winter seasons! We are excited for the start of our new farms located in Central Florida and Yucatan, Mexico. We will begin harvesting our Florida crop the beginning of November lasting for six weeks. Our Yucatan crop will begin harvest the middle of November and continue all the way through to March.

With the ideal micro-climate growing weather we experience in the Yucatan,  we are able to use the same seed varieties and growing practices as we do in the US during our spring and summer crops. This enables us to supply you with the same enjoyable eating experience in the winter as during the summer.



Sweet Onions

Import Sweet Onion Season is here! We’ve begun our harvest in Peru and the quality is outstanding for this year’s crop.  We have a full range of sizing and specialty packs to offer throughout the winter.  Please contact the Stella Farms team to discuss programs or weekly volume needs.

Sweet Potatoes

The domestic sweet potato crop on the East Coast will start the beginning of October. This years crop looks very favorable as the industy rebounds from the weather issues that effected last years crop.

Due to the significant increase in demand, this fall we are being conservative with program and ad commitments to help ensure we will have supplies through the end of the season from our North Carolina farm.


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