Gold Pineapple


The moderate weather lately has been a nice change and has provided some needed relief for the communities to recover from the heavy flooding of months past. We are excited to report that the severe weather did not affect the future harvest as suspected. Our crop nutrition remains strong and pests are at a minimum. Our crownless quality continues to out last the competition with much less purge even though we have shifted to a higher internal color. Our finishing technique in crownless has also increased the shelf life of our crown pineapple packs.

The harvest for the final quarter of 2021 will have more first harvest plantings, which will provide enough large sized pineapple for promotional volume through the end of the year for retail chains.


Mexican Pineapple has been back in strong production since early September. Shipments to the United States remains low compared to the last several years due to high demand in Mexico. Expectations for the next 60 days are for Costa Rican prices to begin rising and United States demand to rise as well, which will cause Mexican prices to be in line or slightly less than Costa Rican fruit.

We should be back into fresh Mexican supply by the beginning of November!


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