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Gold Pineapple


The pineapple industry experiences natural cycles of flowering, influenced by factors like plant maturity, health, and weather conditions. Favorable winter weather this year has led to reduced early harvests, contrary to typical increases seen during summer months in the USA. Changes in agricultural practices, such as soil management and planting schedules, aim to stabilize harvest cycles and mitigate production spikes. However, small-scale growers may struggle with these controls due to resource constraints or lack of contract commitments.

Despite cost corrections in inputs, farming profitability remains strained, impacting field stabilization and fruit size. Stella Farms has bucked industry trends by doubling down on Costa Rican imports, investing in nutrition and plant sizing to surpass 2023 harvest levels and support new customers.

July is projected to maintain low production levels, potentially mitigating the severe August shortage typical after summer peaks. Growers who reduced summer plantings to mitigate natural flowering risks may face supply shortages through August and September.

Stella expects short supply and high demand for crownless fruit through the year in both the USA and Europe. Crown fruit volume at many farms may fluctuate through July but is anticipated to recover to contract levels by August. Stella predicts a temporary decline in production levels for 4-6 weeks, returning to normal after a period of elevated harvest volumes over the past six months.