Gold Pineapple

The trend of consolidation continues as we head into 2021 with less farmers than the previous year. As there are less players in the market, it makes it easier for growers to adjust supply to match the demand and reduce the extreme highs and lows of pineapple production based on speculation. The forecast for Q1 of 2021 is uncertain as most markets continue to be affected by pandemic closures and restrictions. Across all growing areas there has not been an excess of fruit, even with these pandemic restrictions for the previous 6+ months, supporting the consensus that there is less pineapple available in 2021 than the market has grown accustomed to over the last 5+ years. Stella Farms has invested heavily in packing only the best quality pineapple in each of the growing zones as we continue to prepare ourselves for 2021 and supporting our customers. We pride ourselves on the amazing internal quality and shelf life that comes with every box of Stella Farms pineapple.


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