Cabbage popularity is growing dramatically in the USA. Stella Farms has the capability of controlling all stages from variety selection to packing and shipping. 

Where and when do we grow?

Our cabbage is grown in south central Florida where the ground provides a sandy loam for best possibly quality. Our grower has 140 acres planted consisting of both green and red cabbage. Harvest begins mid-February and continues until the end of April. 

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How do we harvest?

We work closely with our farm to plan harvest dates and monitor harvesting throughout the season to ensure the highest quality. Our cabbage is hand harvested and packed by size in the field then transported to the cooler for storage prior to shipping. 

How do we pack and ship?

Our quality control team focuses on the specific needs of each of our customers. All cabbage hand picked and packed by size in the field. We are able to pack our cabbage three ways; 50lb carton, 50lb mesh sack and bins. Every order is custom packed to the customers needs.

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