sweet onions

sweet onions

Our delicious sweet onions are unparalleled in their flavor and versatility, and our variety of growing locations ensures that consistent quality is available year round. Unlike a yellow or red onion, sweet onions don’t have a bitter after bite and don’t alter the flavor of sauces or products that contain them. They are ideal for cooking or eating raw in salads, sandwiches, or using as a garnish.

Where and when do we grow?

Our sweet onions are grown in Vidalia, Georgia, Texas, California, Nevada, Peru and Mexico and are available year-round.
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How do we harvest?

Our sweet onions are machine harvested at their optimum time to maximize sweetness and flavor. From there, the onions are field dried for 3 days to help eliminate moisture in the bulb. The onions are then hand trimmed and put into our onions driers for 72 hours to amplify shelf life. After this process is complete, the onions are then either shipped as fresh, or preserved in controlled atmosphere rooms.

How do we pack and ship?

All of our onions are packed in bulk and shipped to order. We have the ability to pack our sweet onions into any configuration/size combination that you may need – whether that be in bags, cartons or bins. In this process, our sweet onions are packed on a state of the art packing line that utilizes an optical sizing and grading system. The machine takes photos of both the internal and external condition of every onion to guarantee that our product is free from quality defects and that the sizing of the onions in each pack is consistent within a ¼ inch tolerance. No matter what we put in, the optical grader ensures that only the highest quality and consistent size make it into our pack.

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